WPPI and trying to count calories in Las Vegas

What a week in Las Vegas. I’m feeling pretty juiced after attending my first WPPI conference at the MGM Grand and seeing some of my favorite photographers speak. Yes, that’s Jasmine Star in the upper right hand corner! And yes, she’s really amazing in person. I’m already scheming my trip for next year…. thinking about what I can fit in and how much I can learn. That’s really what WPPI is all about- Immersing yourself with 15,000 other photographers by your side- attending seminars, networking, geeking out over the newest photography gadgets,  and of course finding the parties and the food… which leads me to my next thought about Vegas. Is it possible to count calories in Vegas?

As many of you might know I’m pretty into my health these days and prioritize eating well and exercising a lot. I have to admit, I did a pretty good job the first few days- I even managed to go running twice. But somewhere after my first night out, where I got lost in martinis, wasabi infused tater tots and homemade banana cream pie…. I lost count of my calories. And you know what? I enjoyed every moment of it….. but at some point, the excitement over what I could eat gave way to craving my normal routine again. All I really needed was the gym and a big guilt free meal…. ready to return home. So, the conclusion to my research, is it possible to count calories in Vegas? The answer is no so just make sure you’re not there for very long! But while you are?…. enjoy every last wasabi infused tater tot!

The photos above are some clicks of my trip. My girls being adorable little people and playing at a local park. A view from the plane, a view from a run, some sites from my night on the strip and a few pairs of $1000 boots I was drooling over. Maybe next year, just maybe!

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