Wedding packages begin at $2950. My most popular packge is $3675.00. Please inquire for more details, as I am always happy to customize to find the perfect package for you!


Life is an adventure, and so is your love! Elopements can be a creative and adventurous expression of who you are. I've photographed some of the most special moments during an elopement and in some pretty amazing places too. If you're looking for a simple way to tie the knot but also for something memorable- this may be the perfect option for you. I have a fully customizable elopment package.


Wedding packages range from 5 hours to full day coverage. Most packages have the option of two photographers, and all of them include a print credit. ( I believe that holding something tangible at the end of the day is very important!) I also offer a variety of albums and each package comes with custom High Resolution carefully edited images with printing rights.

creative projects & styled shoots

I always welcome an artistic collaboration! I love shooting product/fashion/alternative projects as a way to keep fresh with an ever changing industry, and to keep my creative juices alive. I've worked on a variety of projects over the years- everything from helping to build model portfolios, executive headshots for publication, author profiles, rebranding projects, interior and architectural photography, and environmental portraiture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are ome common questions that come up. I hope this helps you in your process! Please feel free to contact me with specific questions.

How would you describe your style?

My style is my own! Over the years I have picked up techniques and an approach to photography that is uniquely me. I think you'll get a little bit of it all......Styles that inspire me? Fashion, Editorial, Journalism, and Fine Art. More than anything, I think you'll find that I create a images that are emotional and evocative, and that ultimately say something that is authentic and true about my subjects. I want to convey more than just what you can see. How does it make you feel?

What Kind of gear do you use?

I'm a Canon girl- have been since the very beginning. I use top of the line canon equipment and have a full set of back ups just in case. Some of my favorite lenses? Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 85mm 1.2, and the Canon 35mm 1.4, just to name a few!

Why should we hire you? Uncle Bob has a really nice camera!

I love this question. It's clear that having nice equipment is no longer enough to separate the professionals from the hobbyists. Anyone can buy an excellent camera and offer to take your photos for you. I strongly recommend using caution in the department! Let uncle Bob take your wedding photos and you may regret it. We've all heard the horror story before.... A friend who got married and wished they had hired a professional because their uncle Bob, or family friend with an awesome camera didn't deliver. When finding your photographer ask your self the following questions....

Does my photographer have insurance?

Is my photographer experienced?

What will my experience be with my photographer?

Will I get a quality product?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you've probably found someone you can trust!

Can we meet with you before we hire you?

Absolutely! I am always available for you. Many of my long distance clients have opted to meet over Zoome or by phone which is so awesome and really is a perfect way to connect when there's distance. My local or semi local clients can meet me for a coffee or a meal at any time. Some people even hire me by phone or e-mail without ever meeting me directly. Whatever your comfort level is is totally fine!

What happens after my wedding?

After all the cake has been eaten, and you are hopefully on your way to an awesome honeymoon, I will be working on editing your images! Within the first week I will post my favorite collection of images on my blog and send you the link right away. I know you'll be eager to share these photos with your loved ones!  Shortly after that I will work on the rest of your wedding images. I custom edit each and every image and deliver only the best images from your wedding day. 

Do you deliver high resolution images? We want to make our own prints.

Indeed! My clients are web and tech savvy and want to print their own images these days. Gotta give the people what they want!

We really love your photography, but your price range is a bit out of our budget. Are we out of luck?

At the top of my priority list is creating amazing images for people who love photography. When I realize a couple is excited to work with me, I'm always open to being flexible and finding something that works for us both. I love to throw in additional hours, bonus prints and maybe an engagement shoot if we really jive! It never hurts to ask. So please, do!