Jessie + Brendan: A lovely farm wedding!

You may remember Jessie and Brendan from their engagement shoot this past June when our mission was to produce just one good photo. June quickly rolled into September, and on Saturday afternoon they tied the knot at Dinner Bell Farm in Grass Valley. The reoccurring theme of this wedding?  The cultivation of love through persistence, patience, understanding and hard work….. (How so very appropriate being set on Brendan’s family farm). Every detail of this cultivation shined so clearly too~ From the physical effort they put into making the property suitable for a wedding, the tending of the simple but gorgeous details, and the way that each and every guest seemed to be hand selected. It really was a beautiful wedding…. A clear representation of the love they share for one another. I am so excited to have had the opportunity to create these images for them~ and I hope they will always be treasured. Enjoy.

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