Allie + Daniel: Tied the Knot!

There are many words that could describe just how incredible this wedding was….. but the one word that keeps coming back to me is perseverance. Allie and Daniel had planned the most perfect wedding together. Every last detail of their day was created thoughtfully and with love. They created a space not only to share their love with one another, but with their nearest and dearest. Live music, bbq, lanterns under the stars…… that was the plan anyhow. All morning while they prepared, big dark clouds were looming- and in some auspicious sense at just about the time the ceremony was due to start, it began to rain….. hard. It rained, there was thunder and it carried on and on and on. And while what seemed to be like the worst possible situation for a wedding, Allie and Daniel persevered. They took a situation out of their control and they adapted. They created a new wedding from scratch in the midst of what could have been total chaos, and it was so completely beautiful. The skies parted just long enough for them to have a beautiful ceremony to make it all official, and then it began to rain and rain again. But what this all really says to me about these two, is that they can get through anything together and that they can weather the most difficult storms. I am so honored and grateful to have been a part of such an amazing day. I know that they will never forget their wedding day, but my hope is that these photos always remind them of just how special it was. Enjoy!

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