life: this week.

What an interesting time of year this is for a wedding photographer. While the portraits are slower… all the business stuff is happening; drumming up my 2013 clients, finally adding all those 2012 weddings to my website, pushing papers- ya know, fun stuff! Last year I was just returning from wppi~ (you can read about it here) and was super jazzed about all the amazing things I learned, and people I met, and the list goes on. This year for various reasons~ (good and exciting ones) I didn’t make it. So, what has been happening then in my photo life if I’m not at wppi, and I’m not taking any portraits? A LOT! My Hipsta gallery on my phone has too many snaps to count. It’s all my family, friends, and really just all the cool stuff I see when I’m out in the world not taking pictures of other people. And so~ I thought I would share with you some personal photo shenanigans from my phone. I am hoping to make this a regular thing~ I would love to get these galleries off my phone and into the world. Enjoy!

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